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AndPak is fast becoming a sustainability leader in the expanded polystyrene (EPS) sector.  In 2008, it was one of the first regional signatories to the Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association’s Sustainability Leadership Framework Program.  Since then, AndPak has introduced numerous initiatives to drive sustainability while at the same time expanded production capacity to meet future demand and new markets. 

What AndPak is doing to minimise its ecological footprint:

The installation of new machinery has increased production efficiencies while reducing energy consumption by 60%.  The implementation of a cooling tower water recirculation system and boiler monitoring system has also reduced water consumption by 30%.

At AndPak, all manufacturing waste can either be reused directly in the manufacture of some product lines or completely recycled.   
AndPak supplies scrap bags with all waffle pod deliveries.  It also works closely with its customers and contractors to ensure that all pod offcuts are picked up from building sites.    

The installation of a dedicated EPS recycling machine now enables all in-house scrap and waste from customers to be reprocessed and diverted from landfill. 

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