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EPS Packaging

At AndPak, we pioneered the development of dedicated EPS packaging for the export table grape industry and have now grown to become a market leader in EPS fresh produce packaging.  You can rely on our expertise and experience to deliver EPS packaging solutions to meet your specific requirements. 

We offer a range of packaging solutions including lidded and un-lidded EPS boxes suitable for most fresh produce applications (fruit, vegetables and seafood). Airline approved EPS seafood boxes that comply with Australia’s Seafood Air Transport Regulations are also available. 

AndPak EPS boxes are lightweight and easy to transport, provide exceptional durability and shock absorption to protect the contents and superior thermal insulation to maintain temperature and freshness.  There is no loss of strength even in damp conditions making EPS ideal for use in cold chain storage.  EPS is approved for food contact use and also moisture resistant ensuring that even the most stringent hygiene requirements are met. 

As with all AndPak EPS products, our produce boxes are 100% recyclable. 

By choosing AndPak EPS packaging you are assured that your valuable product will arrive at its destination fresh and intact. 

AndPak EPS is the ultimate material for all your packaging needs.